Emily Fahey was a beautiful young girl who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma, commonly referred to as RMS, when she was seven years old. After receiving treatment at the Dana Farber and Childrens Hospital in Boston she was in remission for six years. In December of 2012 the cancer returned and in spite of the treatments, she passed away ten months later on October 20, 2013. In memory and honor of Emily, this Organization is committed to helping other children in need. Emily had a place in her heart for children with special needs, and for kids like her who suffered emotional trauma resulting from the unbelievable harsh chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical treatments used to cure cancer.

The Fahey Foundation is committed to continuing the spirit of originality, feistiness, and incredible will Emily possessed. We apply these traits to raising money and awareness to help the children she cared about, in spite of her own suffering.  As Emily got older, she began to feel a kinship with other children with special needs who through no actions of their own were subject to these afflictions. Her enormous heart was demonstrated in her unending empathy for kids whose conditions and illnesses made them different from other kids. 

Also, looking at her own adversity she went through an extended period of time during which she suffered psychologically from the effects of the treatments and stresses related to her closeness to death. Many people know about the physical torment associated with cancer treatment though few know the extent of the psychological pain of the emotional experience in its entirety.